WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). It is free and based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is popular with bloggers, but it supports other web content too. It supports online stores, forums, media galleries, and more. WordPress has a template system and a plugin architecture. At least 60 million websites around the world use WordPress. It is by far the most preferred website management system available.

If you want to start using WordPress, you need to install it on a web server, part of an internet hosting service, or a computer with the software package WordPress.org If you want to use it for learning purposes, you may use a local computer.

Benefits of Using WordPress to Power Your Website

One of the reasons why WordPress is popular is because it is very easy to use. You can add new pages, blog posts, and images quickly without needing any special skills. The technology is very simple. It is browser-based so you can manage your site on another person’s computer. This ensures that you can manage your site from wherever you are. As an administrator, you may be overwhelmed. You may need some help in managing your site. WordPress gives you that opportunity. It allows you to set up multiple users who can have certain levels of access and capabilities depending on what you want to achieve.

If you use WordPress to power your site, you will have a scalable site. As your site continues to grow, you will have plenty of pages on it. Without a scalable site, the performance will be compromised. A slow site is not good for business. WordPress takes away that problem. You can have thousands of pages without affecting the performance of your site. It gives you the chance to customize the design of your website as you please. You do not have to put up with a look that does not appeal to your target audience. You can customize your site as much and as often as you like to suit your brand.

WordPress plugins improve the functionality of your site. If you wish, you can add event calendars, social media feeds, video galleries, and more features to your website.

WordPress was made to serve as a blogging platform. This means that you can easily integrate the inbuilt blogging capabilities. If you have made blogs previously, you can easily add them to your site. You can set also set up RSS /email subscriptions to your blog. WordPress is made using a very clean and simple code. It is perfect for search engine optimization. You can assign unique titles, descriptions, and keywords to every page you post.

WordPress Themes

Using WordPress, you have the liberty to change themes as you please. These themes change the functionality and appearance of your site without affecting your content. You must use at least one theme on your WordPress site. There are free and premium WordPress themes. You can find the free ones on the WordPress theme directory. You are at liberty to create and use your custom theme.


WordPress Plugins allow you to personalize your website to address unique needs. There are more 55, 000 plugins. They may help with search engine optimization, content displaying features, and more. You may find the plugins from WordPress or third parties.